A new multi-currency fxConverter (including historic rates)

I wrote (and published) a class to handle historic fx calculations some time ago. It used the Yahoo finance interface and parts of it were quite slow. When a client asked me to write some multi-currency financial reports for them, I dug out the yahoo class but for a number of reasons I decided not […]

PDO For WordPress – Status

I have been working on an update to PDO for WordPress. ┬áBefore anyone asks, there is no ETA … I am of the view that the queries in WP are becoming ever more complex and are relying quite a lot on implicit type casting within mysql (for example, user entered dates should always be cast […]

All change …

I’m coming up (at end of May) to a career hiatus after five years of running my own legal practice. I will continue pottering at being a lawyer (or something close to it) until another interesting full time opportunity rears its head. The good news is that I imagine that this will take at least […]

Site Down-time

a database update put the rathercurious site offline for many months. I have not fully tracked down the fault (it occurs from a call in menu.php) and, frankly, have not had the time in recent months to given any attention to this site. the problem manifested itself by a refusal of the admin site to […]

Easy abstraction layer for PDO

The php PDO layer is great for writing portable code but I find the whole prepare->execute thing a bit overly cumbersome. Taking a leaf from the ezsql book I have written a simple abstraction layer for PDO. It is portable across sqlite and mysql. One word of caution: I have not tested this in anger. […]

PDO For WordPress and WP > 2.8

it’s been a while since i have had time to update PDO For WordPress. i have had a preliminary look at things and i believe that the incompatibility for new installs is based in the is_blog_installed() function. this should be fixable but is non-trivial. for existing installs, the fix should be trivial (indeed, I am […]

Children in need

I feel compelled to write this. To express in some tiny way the awe I feel for the Children in Need movement in the UK. Sir Terry Wogan is phenomenal. A consummate presenter through the ages, a scion of British talent and a bastion of straightforward decency. He’s a true British hero and fully deserving […]

iTunes Pricing

I am a media lawyer by trade. I spend more than half my time arranging and negotiating licences of movies, tv-shows, tv-formats and other media from one part of the world to another, across all distribution formats. Even with this experience I’m buggered if I can work out why iTunes is selling TV series for […]

Plugin to change the WP Email sender details and fix html entities

if you want to change the default sender in the WP core this can be easily plugged. Equally it’s easy to fix html entitites being transmitted as their encoded literals in the email subjects. This code shows you how <?php /* Plugin Name: Change Email From Address/Name Plugin URI: http://rathercurious.net Description: changes the email from […]

Timer class

sometimes it can be useful to time the execution of your code. I wanted recently to compare the performance of a single query compared to a procedural solution using three queries. The single query, beautifully formed by tsuji at tek-tips.com, took about 7 seconds to perform the necessary. On the same dataset, the procedural code […]